Ysbryd Begins

If you’re reading this, either Brian or Cassandra gave you a card, or someone really cool told you about Ysbryd. In case it was the latter, hey… You probably want to get to know us better.

So here we are. We’re just a team of two people, but standing behind us are the know-how of indie legends and the power of real funding. And we’re not the corporate suits from hell.

Yes, I hear you protesting… Isn’t what we’re doing called publishing? Doesn’t that MAKE us the suits from hell by default? Indeed, publishing has gained a pretty dirty and polarizing reputation, and from the way most publishers across the various platforms have been behaving lately, with their self-serving bureaucratic movements and their insatiable greed, that reputation is deserved.

That’s not who we are, though. We’re not interested in optimizing profit maximum, or creating a game that caters to everyone and their dog. What we want is to empower you to create a game that weaves honest-to-god magic and evokes real emotion.

If everything goes right, what we should have is a beautiful partnership together. We want to do our part to educate you on the risks we take, as much as we’ll spend time getting to know you and the skin you’re putting into your game.

At the end, our hope is that whatever Ysbryd makes from our partnership will ultimately be used to pay it forward and kick off someone else’s project of passion. To start another journey like yours.

We’re here for the developers. We’re here for you, to stand with you.

Posted on March 12, 2014 in News

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About the Author

Brian co-founded Witching Hour Studios several years ago, and was hands-on with most production aspects of the Ravenmark turn-based strategy game franchise, most notably its world-building and narrative writing. He is well acquainted with the constantly evolving need for financing, marketing and distribution solutions concerning independent games. Through Ysbryd Games, Brian aspires to build a bridge that helps other indies to navigate today’s treacherous market.
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