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GDC 2014

Hey there, friend! Just in case you didn’t know, Ysbryd Games is taking meetings at GDC 2014 at the Moscone. Please drop us an email at hello [at] ysbryd [dot] net to arrange a meet up, so we can talk about your incredibly awesomely magical plan to make an indie game! We will also be…

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What We See in a Partner

Hey you, mister indie developer. You reckon you’ve got something special to share with the world. Here’s a brief walkthrough on what Ysbryd Games would like to see in such a special project, so you don’t walk into a meeting with us toting the next Flappy Clan Saga. We’re all about discovery in games. This…

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Ysbryd Begins

If you’re reading this, either Brian or Cassandra gave you a card, or someone really cool told you about Ysbryd. In case it was the latter, hey… You probably want to get to know us better. So here we are. We’re just a team of two people, but standing behind us are the know-how of…

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