It’s Favorites Friday!

We can make that a trending internet thing all by ourselves, right? Anyway, here’s a short look at a couple of our favorite upcoming indie titles
Tower of Samsara looks like an atmospheric blend of meditations on central asian religious teachings, striking art, and very careful combat. Could be engrossing. Keep a look out for their Kickstarter campaign in the next couple months!
This Is No Time For Games has an upcoming crowdfunding campaign to watch for as well, though they’ve opted for Gamekicker. Backers will be assisting in something wonderfully gorgeous, something not quite point and click. We’re looking forward to discovering what this is about.
There’s something magical about Night in the Woods. We can’t quite put it to words, but its melancholic story of old towns and youthful uncertainty seems to carry that particular tang of experiences that stick in your mind long after you’re finished. Watch for it sometime this fall.

Posted on March 5, 2016 in News

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