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Hey you, mister indie developer. You reckon you’ve got something special to share with the world. Here’s a brief walkthrough on what Ysbryd Games would like to see in such a special project, so you don’t walk into a meeting with us toting the next Flappy Clan Saga.

We’re all about discovery in games. This is going to be a little vague because discovery can happen in many different ways, from emergent gameplay to exploring the vast nooks and crannies of an original world.

We’re interested in games that target mature gamers. This means that such gamers appreciate complex worlds and narratives, and don’t need their games dumbed down. Your game should be repeatedly capable of provoking an emotional response from them – it’s up to you if that emotion is joy or indignation. (Yes, for the latter you should be thinking of Dark Souls.)

Should your game be fun? Yes, it most certainly helps! It’s important to note that fun itself is not an emotion, but the means to an emotion – usually happiness. Fun as we know it isn’t going to make the key difference that gets people to remember it and talk about it long after its release.

Games that have an incredibly well executed and novel art style will certainly catch our eye. If your game’s art is the sort of thing that stops people from scrolling through endless pages of game news blogs to pause and admire it, then colour us interested.

Access to multiplatform distribution always helps. This almost always means you should be using Unity. However, if you’re a coding whiz and porting from PC to Mac/iOS/Android/Linux/PS4/Xbone poses no problem to you whatsoever, then let’s talk anyway.

Posted on March 13, 2014 in News

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Brian co-founded Witching Hour Studios several years ago, and was hands-on with most production aspects of the Ravenmark turn-based strategy game franchise, most notably its world-building and narrative writing. He is well acquainted with the constantly evolving need for financing, marketing and distribution solutions concerning independent games. Through Ysbryd Games, Brian aspires to build a bridge that helps other indies to navigate today’s treacherous market.
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