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Effective Date: June 1, 2021 Ysbryd Games Worldwide Limited, a United Kingdom company (“Ysbryd”, “we”, “us” and their derivatives) makes this policy available to users of our websites, including and its subdomains (collectively, the “Websites”), the video games we publish for Windows PC, Macintosh, Nintendo Switch, Sony PlayStation and Microsoft Xbox including but not limited…

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Dusting off the cobwebs

Hello world! Eh, we’ve certainly left this place a dusty old mess, haven’t we? Starting this week, our community manager Kris Goorhuis will have a lot more stuff to bring to the table! Look out for curated thingamajigs about the games that Ysbryd is helping to cook up, not to mention awesome commentary about games…

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GDC 2014

Hey there, friend! Just in case you didn’t know, Ysbryd Games is taking meetings at GDC 2014 at the Moscone. Please drop us an email at hello [at] ysbryd [dot] net to arrange a meet up, so we can talk about your incredibly awesomely magical plan to make an indie game! We will also be…

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What We See in a Partner

Hey you, mister indie developer. You reckon you’ve got something special to share with the world. Here’s a brief walkthrough on what Ysbryd Games would like to see in such a special project, so you don’t walk into a meeting with us toting the next Flappy Clan Saga. We’re all about discovery in games. This…

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Ysbryd Begins

If you’re reading this, either Brian or Cassandra gave you a card, or someone really cool told you about Ysbryd. In case it was the latter, hey… You probably want to get to know us better. So here we are. We’re just a team of two people, but standing behind us are the know-how of…

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