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Leaving Texas

South by Southwest has come and gone, some sunburns were shared (yes, winter ended during the event – Kris is just that pale), and bellies are a bit rounder. Austin’s annual celebration and cultivation of creative music, film, and interactive media is apparently plopped in the middle of one of the country’s premier food destinations. It’s a curious…

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Favorites Friday

How about another collection of our favorite releases or upcoming games? Hopefully one or two will catch your eye. Our friends at Wadjet Eye Games have just launched Shardlight, a thoughtful take on a post-apocalyptic landscape. Our heroine is seeking a cure for her disease. She’ll need to maneuver through her society, such as it…

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It’s Favorites Friday!

We can make that a trending internet thing all by ourselves, right? Anyway, here’s a short look at a couple of our favorite upcoming indie titles   Tower of Samsara looks like an atmospheric blend of meditations on central asian religious teachings, striking art, and very careful combat. Could be engrossing. Keep a look out…

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A YIIK Retrospective

Hello! With YIIK just around a corner or two, we thought it’d be fun to take a light look back at its development history. In case you’re unfamiliar, YIIK is a colorful 3D JRPG set in the 1990s, about eight strangers, a mysterious woman who vanishes in an elevator, and weaponized panda plushies. (What? Yes.) Now…

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