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Brian co-founded Witching Hour Studios several years ago, and was hands-on with most production aspects of the Ravenmark turn-based strategy game franchise, most notably its world-building and narrative writing. He is well acquainted with the constantly evolving need for financing, marketing and distribution solutions concerning independent games. Through Ysbryd Games, Brian aspires to build a bridge that helps other indies to navigate today’s treacherous market.

How to start a conversation with Brian

Talk about awesome ramen, or Bay Area thrash metal.


Business Development

Cassandra is a veteran games journalist who has written for Rock Paper Shotgun, PC Gamer, 1up, USgamer and oodles of other places. She spends far too much (time? money?) thinking and writing about video games. Now, as someone who’s armed to the teeth with connections and resources, she’s keeping an eye out for awesome, spirited indies that could use such an ally.

How to start a conversation with Cassandra

Talk about dance, travelling or plushies

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