No Place for Bravery

Project Description

Thorn, a retired warrior plagued by nightmares, stumbles on an opportunity for redemption after finding clues to his daughter’s disappearance from long ago. Survive rampant and violent battles in this 2D top-down action RPG, and discover the bone-chilling tale behind Thorn’s odyssey.

With every life taken, deep consequences weigh upon Thorn’s violent ends. Under your control, Thorn will have the capacity to kill and survive from the word go, but you should expect to find Thorn’s fragility starkly reflected in your own series of likely defeats.

A captivating blend of the low fantasy setting, highly detailed pixel art, and beautiful hand-painted textures makes this decrepit world croak with breathtaking life, as Thorn carves his path through it.

Developer: Glitch Factory
Platforms: Steam (Windows), Nintendo Switch
Release Date: 2021

Project Details

Tags: Consoles, Desktop, PC, Switch

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