Project Description

Run, jump, and reverse the flow of gravity itself to escape the mind of a selfish god in this challenging precision platformer. Play as Maya, a child stolen from her family on the whim of a lonely, forsaken deity, and make your way through over 100 screens filled with spikes, lasers, switches, and traps as you unravel the horrifying secret of your new prison.

Gorgeous hand-drawn pixel art graphics bring the god’s Shelter to life alongside meticulously handcrafted animations boasting many thousands of frames. A lush, atmospheric score draws out the unsettling yet beautiful sights of this psychological horror narrative, as it contorts and unfolds to reveal choices beyond comprehension. Responsive, snappy controls will brace players to take on challenges with a sense of mastery and acrobatic accomplishment.

Will you find your way home, or wander these halls carved of memory forever?

Developer: brlka
Release Window: 2025

Platforms: Windows (Steam, GOG,, Xbox, PS4/5, and Nintendo Switch

Project Details

Tags: Consoles, Desktop, PC, PS4, Switch, Xbox One

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