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We are a publisher looking for spirited indie game developers who hunger to create games with magic. We are kindred spirits who want to see these games evolve at every stage, and to succeed worldwide!

What We Do

We provide a rock-solid bridge for your game development journey.


Have you been plotting to quit your day job so you can dedicate yourself to the game of your dreams? We’ll back you up with essential funding to feel absolutely secure about your full-time indie journey.


Feel alone in your journey? Lost on how to deal with QA? Just need some help with optimizing your workflow? Bounce ideas off us and our network of advisors. Polish is the secret sauce that makes your game shine. We get the details.


We’ll get your game in front of key media influencers. We’ll put it on the right platforms. Strategic marketing, wide distribution, whatever it takes – we’ll see to it your game gets to weave its magic on the players it deserves.



Why Ysbryd?

Discovery is the magic word. The spirit of discovery reigns supreme in the world of indie game development – if not let's make it so.

We’ve seen lots of hopeful indie devs get derailed on their journey to make the game they’ve dreamed of. Financial floundering, unmanageable scopes, ineffectual marketing… We’ve walked that road of hardship ourselves.

If there’s anything we’ve learnt… It really is dangerous to go alone!

Take this – our promise to raise you onto the high bridge over such obstacles, to the victorious end of the journey you deserve.

This world deserves more curious, spirited games, and we can make them, together.

A worthy partner puts real skin in the game, just like you do. Let us elevate your work into true magic.

Our Team



Brian co-founded Witching Hour Studios several years ago, and was hands-on with most production aspects of the Ravenmark turn-based strategy game franchise, most notably its world-building and narrative writing. He is well acquainted with the constantly evolving need for financing, marketing and distribution solutions concerning independent games. Through Ysbryd Games, Brian aspires to build a bridge that helps other indies to navigate today’s treacherous market.

How to start a conversation with Brian

Talk about awesome ramen, or Bay Area thrash metal.


Business Development

Cassandra is a veteran games journalist who has written for Rock Paper Shotgun, PC Gamer, 1up, USgamer and oodles of other places. She spends far too much (time? money?) thinking and writing about video games. Now, as someone who’s armed to the teeth with connections and resources, she’s keeping an eye out for awesome, spirited indies that could use such an ally.

How to start a conversation with Cassandra

Talk about dance, travelling or plushies


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Fun fact: “Ysbryd” is Welsh for “spirit”.

Bottom line: Talk to us if you’re an indie game developer (or are considering becoming one) who’s looking for a publisher that embraces the spirit of indie games. We’ll cover your bases for funding, and set you up with incredible polish and visibility for your game.

Band together with us. Make our journey count.

To contact us, tweet us @YsbrydGames or send a lovely email over to

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